5 Random Acts of Kindness

An act of kindness surely is a blessing in itself. The reward being someone’s smile, or happy tears down the cheeks of your loved ones. It is always inspiring to see love and kindness and even more beautiful to practice it yourself. Amal Academy had a DIY Activity for us, in which we had to do 5 random acts of kindness in a span of 24 hours and following is the collection of my beautiful experience.

I packed my stuff and got ready to surprise my family!

It was Friday, and I live out of city with my grandparents for studies. So I decided to surprise my family by paying them a visit back home. I got my younger sister in on the plan and boarded the bus. We had our share of laughs because of inside jokes over the phone where my Mom was asking me to call her when I get free from the internship, whereas I was already on the highway.

The Bus Terminal

As I was boarding the bus, I saw an elderly lady who was really confused as she couldn’t find her seat. I decided to go help her out. When she got to her seat, her delicate aged smile really made me feel proud of myself.

Tea has its own Place in the Hearts of Pakistanis

Tea time is always one to relax and have some family chit chat. I made Hi-Tea for my family and all of us enjoyed it together.

Appreciation Letter for my Best Friend of 16+ Years

Friendship is indeed one of the best relationships one can have. I do have my own small circle of close friends, but it is always good to see that one face sticking by you since childhood. So is the case with Me and my Friend, “Jannat”. She is a delight to spend time with and is always ready to go out of the way to help me out in any sort of difficulty. Although words can definitely not do justice, but they will surely put a smile on her face :)

Food and Water for the little Birdies

While going on with our lives, we should never forget our little friends, who make our mornings beautiful with their lovely chirping and whose journey back home in the evening, is a sight to behold. I didn’t want this task to get out of the 24 hours limit and I was at an internship. So without wasting time, I called my sister and asked her to put out grains and water for birds on my behalf.



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