A Gift Overdue…

All of us have one way or the other had some strong impacts by people on our lives. Many of them have played a role in who we are today but we never truly acknowledge them. They can be friends, family members or teachers and it’s really important that we give them their due credit. How rewarding it is to give back to someone by providing them with a lollipop moment! ;)

Also, I LOVE WRITING LETTERS to friends so this was something I really enjoyed.

Letter #1

The first letter of gratitude I wrote, was to a friend Farah, with whom I had spent a relatively short time, but it was a wholesome one. Funny thing, we used to buy little cake like snacks daily and she always got a couple extra because I found hers better than mine xD. She has stood by my side throughout that span of 2 years and was such an emotional support. I don’t remember acknowledging her efforts, so here we go…

She’s promised she’d visit me after her MBBS Professional exams *tears of happiness*

PS: She’s never been to my place even after getting invited

and of course I asked her to bring the cakes 😂😂😂

Letter #2

So, this one’s for my FIRST EVER head/boss in my FIRST EVER professional experience, an internship at a Brilliant Government Institute (not naming for privacy reasons). I was nervous about writing this one specially but the super lady deserves all the respect and appreciation for the way she runs her department and manages everything, all while sticking to honesty, empathy and kindness while being the leader she is. She really made the internship an experience to remember and is an is an inspiration for me.

Letter #3

“So sweet of you my child 💞 I literally have wetness in my eyes to know that I satisfied you and my lil contribution gave you confidence to step forward gracefully! May you have more n more success in life ahead , I’m happy to know that my lil efforts did something. Always remember Allah’s blessings upon you due to your regular prayers , and also try to help others , be a helping hand and be polite also to others. May Allah give u success in every Walk of life. Ameen”

Above is the response my junior school teacher gave. One thing I’ll say about her, she really put in all her efforts to teach us morals and great basics of English. Those are days to be remembered and cherished. Can’t say much after that response 😭❤.



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