Developing a Growth Mindset

The five tips that lead towards a growth mindset are:

  1. Self-talk
  2. Get out of your Comfort Zone
  3. Create New Habits
  4. Ask People for help
  5. Fake it till you make it

Personally, if I reflect back on my life, as I have a growth mindset already, I see that I’ve been practicing more or less the same tips as mentioned here.

Lyrics of Never Say Never (Courtesy: Etsy)

I’ve found them quite useful, because they are all backed up by the idea of never giving up or never saying never (reminds me of the song by Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith). This is the idea that leads one to do wonders because when one doesn’t give up, he is sure to try as many new ideas as he can and just like when you look for a word in a dictionary and on your way read and learn a lot of other words, those failed ideas for one task, may prove helpful and even be the solutions to some other problems you might ever face in life.

My takeaway, stick to what I am doing and “just keep swimming”. I hope one day my growth mindset leads me to where I want to see myself, or somewhere even better *fingers crossed*.

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I LOVE GETTING OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE. It is what keeps me motivated and it is how I show myself that I can do a lot of things that I’ve never tried. I also enjoy faking it till I actually make it. Mind games.

Other than that, I’m already implementing 3 out of these five tips really well.

Still need to work on affirmations (because I tend to think a LOT of negativity) and asking people for feedback/help (that I never thought is part of developing a Growth Mindset).

Here I’d like to add that one should always push himself, but one step at a time. Going too fast-paced can have drawbacks. But, you can keep increasing the speed of your improvement once you have started adapting to the new growth mindset.




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