Before beginning, I’d like to share my goal I plan to work on within the next 3 months.

I will become a good motivational speaker for which I have to take inspiration from daily life. I plan to begin by writing down or identifying at least two issues I’d like to speak on, every week till the end of this fellowship. This will help in improving my observation. Moreover, I also need to enhance my writing skills and confidence of public-speaking which I’m doing by participating in the sessions actively and writing the assigned blogs. I will also post the videos of my speeches on my social media to get the feedback I require in order to improve my skills. I intend to become a beginner level motivational speaker by the end of this fellowship, i.e. within a span of 3 months.

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A Long Lost Friend…

I have this goal because I used to be a good speaker in the past and I loved the stage, but have lost a lot of my skills due to a number of factors. So basically, it relates to self improvement and knowing my own worth, because I want to get back what I had.

I’ve always been one to stand up from my seat and go in front of the class to present, but I think I get carried away with emotions that affect me personally and so they don’t have the required or needed impact on my audience. This is a challenge I have identified recently and have been working on it.

What do I intend to do?

My first task or short term goal to achieving this SMART goal, is to come up with at least two things I’d like to speak on, by observation of societal issues. I have identified the following

(a) Power, Authority and Humility — The most fruiting trees are the ones which are the most down to earth.

(b) Kindness at work place — How it inspires the new comers to become a better version of themselves

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Why I chose what I chose?

I don’t have any pictures to share for this goal but I do have the background story. So, I chose these because of a recent experience during my internship where an authoritative person was so rude to me because I didn’t know that she was the boss of the specific section of lab I was working in (because I didn’t see her there much) and I didn’t take permission from her for going for observation in some different section of the lab (because she wasn’t there?). Although the person I thought I was working under, (because I’ve been working with him daily since the first day) knew about my daily visit to the other section and had no issue with that. The lady then had me perform lab procedures I had no practice of doing, to just get out her grudge (lol I know).

My Understanding

The “boss” figure in this case, gave me a feeling that the typical authoritative people in our society have this sort of ego in them which should not be present because they are at such a high post. They should rather become more and more down to earth with every step up in their jobs or careers. I apply this principle to my own life and plan on keeping up with it. It not only makes our own lives easier, but also helps others live a peaceful one as well.

What’s next?

The next two short term goals I plan on working in the weeks to come are:

· Write a speech on one of identified issues.

· Make a video of myself giving a motivational lecture on it and post it on social media.

My Take Away from this Experience

This experience of #JustStart is so motivational in itself because it shows you can do anything starting THEN AND THERE although I had to face an unexpected scolding in order to come up with this idea. But good things never come easy, so I’m happy I could figure out something productive from what happened.

I am looking forward to a productive and fruitful journey ahead :)



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