Let’s Do This

Starting to work on the Mega Project has been exciting and tricky, especially when I’ve had no previous experience of an entrepreneurial mindset. But now I am being given an opportunity to utilize those skills to help the deserving, something I’ve always been passionate about.

Pictures of the Canadian Donation.

Initially as I started brainstorming, I shortlisted 2 ideas and worked out all their details, like funding, partners, consumers, revenue generation etc. One of those is really close to my heart. I’ve never been able to do it, but life is giving me another chance now. Recently, my aunt residing in Canada sent community-donated clothes to a village in Kashmir. I called her to get the details and came to learn about a lot of problems and the whole procedure. She emphasized that if I plan to do the same, I should make sure the donations reach the deserving. After having a thorough discussion with her (and getting around 73 pictures), I decided to work on a Winter Clothes’ Drive, focusing on the daily wagers who don’t even earn enough to eat properly. They out of humility, don’t share their problems and just spend their winters miserably on the footpaths of Mall Road, Gulberg, Bhatta Chowk and so many places here in Lahore. I’ve been observing them since I was a child back home in Faisalabad too, where they spent the winter nights sleeping around the Clock Tower which is so painful to see.

The process involved hard-work and brainstorming. One thing I learnt that I never thought I could do, was making an animated video for the pitch. Also, I had heard the word pitch for the first time, so working on all that took me around 15–18 hours but it was worth it. I feel really positive about how things turned out.

Looking forward to an equally or more motivated team to work with ❤

Images taken from the Internet, faces blurred for privacy reasons.

“Poor economic conditions have forced the average daily wager to spend his winters out in the open, without even having access to warm clothes.” (The Problem Statement)



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