Focusing on my journey, I found that there was one instance, that is the essence of all that I have been learning. Had it not been for that moment, I might not have reached this far.

In the very beginning, Sir Saad mentioned how Amal has a policy of “No question is wrong”. It was a new thing for me. We as Pakistani students are always pressurized to stay quiet in class because if we ask any “stupid” questions, everyone will laugh. So there has always been this kind of shyness in me regarding speaking up during class.

This incident, this one sentence made me rethink my stance on asking questions. You don’t ask questions to show someone else, you ask them for your own betterment and understanding. The more you want to excel, the more you’ll want to be clear about what you’re learning.

This realization was quite subtle and I got to understand the importance that lies in it, with the passage of time. I don’t think the actions of anyone around me ever had this impact on me. I didn’t really understand the importance of asking questions until I acted upon it myself.

Now that I come to think of it, if I already had this point of view and I understood how important asking questions is, I would’ve understood a lot of my university courses better, rather than having to visit certain YouTube pages before exams to properly grasp a concept.

In short, this has been quite a realization for me, and I am looking forward to utilizing it all the time. It is something I used to practice as a child, being super inquisitive and but now sadly our education system has instilled this hypothetical fear of asking questions in the students. I believe it really hampers the level of learning one can achieve.

I plan to spread this point of view in people I can influence because this might as well cause a bigger impact trickling down to every nook and corner of our system, leading to a more learned community. :)



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